Bratwurst Nachos: Memphis, TN

"Nachos with bratwurst?" That's exactly what I asked myself after reading the appetizer section of the menu at Flying Saucer Draught Emporium in Memphis.

If you know me then you know I am somewhat obsessed with nachos and trying them at many of the ballparks and cities we visit throughout our travels. I wasn't really craving a pile of calories (or what I would like to call a pile of heaven) for dinner as I had just inhaled nachos a few nights prior at a different venue on Beale Street...but seriously, nachos with bratwurst?

I had to try it...

The result: an empty plate. Wow, who knew the culinary concoction of  nachos with bratwurst would be so intoxicating. Ha. Probably the best part of the Flying Saucer nachos...individual chips. Any time nachos are served as individual chips with toppings mounted on each salty a land where dipping is not necessary...the single-chip presentation will always be a recipe for success.

You MUST stop by Flying Saucer for these nachos on your next trip to Memphis and while you're there sign up for their UFO Club (another brilliant marketing idea).

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