Nashville, TN: Antique Archaelogy

Before we hit the road again this year, we went on a mini roadtrip to Music City to watch the Chicago Blackhawks face off against the Nashville Predators.

Prior to the action on the ice, we had to quench our reality television obsession with a stop at the newest Antique Archaeology store in Nashville. If Antique Archaeology doesn't ring a bell, try "American Pickers," as Mike and Frank star as two "pickers" covering the country on a search to locate and pluck items that others will treasure for a profit. This History Channel show is high on our list of favorites, so we had to take a sneak peek of their new location...

The old brick warehouse used to house the new store...

Such an awesome building...can I live here?

Cheese! (He loves when I make him take pictures)

Aside from almost knocking this bike over, it was neat to see a few items in the shop that have been featured on the show. Identifying/touching an object in reality versus watching it on reality television gave us that fun feeling we had when we saw familiar objects at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas better known as the home of the hit show, "Pawn Stars." 


You have an overwhelming excitement like a kid in a candy store when you open the door and you're greeted with a few items that have been featured on the show except it's almost as if the bully bursted your large Big League Chew bubble when you realize aside from the handful of antiques featured on the History Channel, the store itself is nothing but a merchandise store filled with Antique Archaeology t-shirts, mugs, jackets, etc. As if producers conjured up this idea for a show and then turned it into a reality after the fact and are now reaping extra benefits from reality television nerds like ourselves. 

We were bummed and did not fall for the consumer trick as we decided to skedaddle and leave empty handed. In fact, it made us think differently about the show...Mike and Frank are such phonies...just casted characters! This reaction of disappointment only lasted for about....five minutes, as we still watch the "American Pickers" to this day. Mike and Frank are too lovable and the concept of the show does exactly what it's intended to do, entertain. 

So if you want to stop by the store to see reality "celebrities" Mike or Frank or bring home a freshly "picked" treasure, I'd suggest sticking to the show and skipping the store. Save your money and head straight to downtown Nashville, yeehaw! However, if you love visors, fanny packs, think of your camera as your best necklace accessory and MUST have a souvenir from every trip than I'd highly recommend making a stop to pick up your fresh from the screen printer Antique Archaelogy t-shirts, bags, blankets, mugs and more. The store is also great for gifts if you have friends or family members that are fans of the show. 

Nashville side note:

After we visited Mike and Frank's shop, we chowed down on some incredible (and affordable) BBQ grub from Jacks

Bridgestone Arena, Blackhawks vs. Predators. The Blackhawks lost, but we still had an incredible time filled with BBQ, brews and of course...surprise dips. ;)

As always, safe travels! We hope you enjoy Nashville as much as we did. 

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