Travel Tunes: Adele

Okay roadies, so I know I'm late to the party but if you haven't already purchased Adele's '21' you should probably go ahead and do so. Despite the high praises that came from Rolling Stone and various national media outlets, I resisted Adele because she was being replayed everywhere therefore why would I waste my money, right? Wrong.

I finally gave in and downloaded '21' in its entirety on iTunes, and holy cow does this woman have a set of lungs. Not since Elvis (I know, big comparison) have I been more enamoured by someone's vocals. She's curvy and gorgeous, but she doesn't need her pretty face to make her famous. Her songs are genuine, heartfelt, auto-tune free and she is one of the first artists in a while that can bring a crowd to their feet with just her voice and a piano.

If you're a fan of the "King" or mello indie pop artists like James Blunt and Damien Rice than you're sure to love Adele!

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