Target Field: Minnesota Twins

Target Field proves that sustainability, professional sports and boosting local economy can co-exist. By far one of the best ballparks I've been too, Target Field is the first home for the Minnesota Twins (since 1936) that they haven't shared with a nearby NFL team. Located in downtown and built with local Minneapolis construction companies, using local limestone and employing other facets of nearby businesses, this is a must-see stadium and hopefully a model for future ballparks. The structure, the design and the unique experience makes this park rise into my top three (of ten) that I have visited.
Here are five reasons (like you need five) why this should be a stop on your guide to Minnesota:

  1. Local: Local limestone, locally built, local brews--that's all you need know. This ballpark boasts itself on being local and that doesn't stop with the beer. You'll find Minnesota favorites; Summit and Surly in addition to geographical favorites like Wisconsin's beloved Leinenkugel's and more!
  2. Nachos: If you know me, you know I rate nachos at every ballpark. Although Busch Stadium is still the reigning champion of nachos, can you beat a baseball helmet of tortilla-goodness? And when I say baseball helmet, Target Field serves up an ADULT-SIZE baseball helmet of pure heaven--worth every penny ($12). 
  3. Minne and Paul: The ballpark has revived the famous logo (now present on the unis since 2001) of Minne and Paul. My personal favorite, after the Twins' score a home run the enormous neon sign lights up drawing your attention to center field as Minne and Paul shake hands over the Mississippi River. 
  4. Easily Accessible: Target Field is easily accessible from downtown by walking, bus, or by taking the Hiawatha Light Rail or Northstar Line. 
  5. Fun Fact: The Budweiser Roof Deck has the only bonfire allowed in the Major Leagues, which comes in handy during those chilly Minnesota spring/fall nights. 

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