Sightings: Allen Iverson

Before heading to the South Carolina vs. Georgia game on Saturday, September 10, Casey and I made a pit stop at Wells Fargo in the ridiculously wealthy neighborhood of Buckhead. After withdrawing cash from my bank account (to scalp tickets) we circled the bank in order to pull out onto Piedmont St. Our vehicle came to a halt as we let two persons pass as they exited their Lamborghini in order to enter the bank. As we looked up, blinded by the diamond watch glaring at us was none other than Allen Iverson and his friend and/or bodyguard. It definitely wasn't a bad way to start the trip.

Pictured above is Iverson's sweet ride--I had a great response on Twitter after posting this picture (via @ggeodakyan) saying "Selfish player and parker." You decide.

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