Farm Burger-Buckhead: Atlanta, Georgia

Farm Burger opened their newest location in Buckhead while we were staying at the Homewood Suites nearby. Whether it was the local vibe or the succulent assortment of burgers, we were immediately drawn to this location as soon as the ribbon was cut and the doors were open.

Originating in Decatur (Farm Burger Decatur) with a sister restaurant in Athens called Farm 255, this establishment prides itself on using 100% grassfed beef and boosting local economy by only using cows in the southeast that are never fed antibiotics, hormones or grains. New employees to Farm Burger are even required to spend time at the Farm Burger farms in Athens, Georgia before stepping foot into their locations!
If that doesn't sell you right away, then we suggest taking a glimpse at their menu.

I ordered the No. 6 consisting of bacon, sunny side up egg, pepper jack cheese and salsa verde for $10. Being what I would consider a petite to average-sized female...I wasn't afraid to scarf down the entire burger. In fact it was just so savory that I couldn't stop!

If you're a fan of local businesses, divine burgers and local brews than we highly suggest indulging yourself at Farm Burger in Buckhead (Atlanta), Decatur, or stopping by Farm 255 located near the University of Georgia.

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