Auction Kings-Gallery 63: Atlanta, Georgia

Earlier this year we visited the location of the History Channel's highest rated television show "Pawn Stars." Therefore once we reached Atlanta we decided to continue our reality TV quest as we visited Gallery 63 known for their hit show "Auction Kings" on the Discovery Channel.

Unlike Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in which the series' stars are non-existant in the store that made them famous, Gallery 63 left us starstruck as we walked in the auction house only to almost run into the show's star, Paul Brown.

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Not only was Paul in his element while the network was not shooting for the series, but the whole cast was on display! Helping bring items to the stage was Paul's son, while quirky manager Cindy Shook migrated back-and-forth from the stage to the back and picker Jon Hammond helped hold up and showcase items being auctioned. It was unbelievable!

By the way, Paul really does yell "Yes! Yes!" once the auctions get competitive and Cindy really does shriek and crack jokes when she wants to get her way (Paul almost auctioned off an item she had already purchased, a Coca-Cola lamp, and she shouted in a high pitched squeal to make it aware her item was not up for grabs).

Besides meeting the cast of one of your beloved television shows, a major bonus is that the auctions are free to attend!

We recommend visiting Gallery 63 before the cast's salary and exposure exceeds a point in which they no longer find it fun or amusing to be recognized. This experience far exceeded our "Pawn Stars" trip to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tip: Be sure to research when their next auction is coming up at:

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