New Obsession: Sweet Leaf Tea Company

One of my newest obsessions is the Sweet Leaf Tea Company's organic iced tea. Between their daily "grannyism" (which is a surprise inspiration in a bottle) and their delicious sweet tea, this company will point you in the right direction. Here are 5 reasons why you should be equally interested in this brand: 

1. Now based in College Town, USA otherwise known as Austin, Texas--creator Clayton Christopher was off living the dream in the Florida Keys and wanted to create a sweet tea to-go as good as his grandma "Mimi's." A family man...who doesn't love that? 

2. Marketing. A successful company has a great logo. Can grandma Mimi be betrayed any better than as a friendly, overweight, come over for cookies, old lady next door? View the exceptional logo and you'll want to be invited over for dinner or consume whatever homemade medley she hands you. 

3. Great marketing means a great website. The Sweet Leaf Tea Company has an exceptional portal on the interwebs. In fact, not only do they cover the basics of flavors, company history, where you can find their product, etc....but my favorite is that they have a "Mixers and Fixers" section in which they give tips for mixing their drinks with liquor to make one helluva tasty cocktail. 

4. Grannyism. An ode to Snapple, instead of a quirky fact the Sweet Leaf Tea Co. gives you that extra kick in the rear with a motivational/inspirational quote! Pop the the top and you've got that after lunch boost you need to get through the rest of the day. 

5. Flavors. Raspberry, Peach, Lemon, Mint & Honey Green Tea, Citrus, Original Sweet Tea, Half & Half--flavors galore! Any scrumptious iced tea extract you can think of, Sweet Leaf has it. My personal favorites are Raspberry and Peach but I'm looking forward to trying to Mint & Honey Green Tea and the Half & Half. Oh and by the way, did I mention they're all organic?! 

Give the Sweet Leaf Tea Company a shot and I promise that you will not be disappointed. 

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