Mama's Boy: Athens, Georgia

Mama's Boy Cafe known for it's "Southern Fun Dining" is certaintly a treat when visiting Athens, Georgia (near UGA's campus). Casey and I rolled in after a day's work and we both felt it was quite refreshing as we had finally stumbled across our first unique urban restaurant in the South...

Our waitress was painted in tattoos, the decor made you feel right at home, the logo was impeccable and the Mama's Boy menu had our mouths watering. It felt as if we were back in Denver.

(Strawberry lemonade served in Mason jars)

Before walking in, I had scouted the cafe by reading a few reviews on Yelp! One review (of seven) quoted the signature Mama's Boy strawberry lemonade as "divine" so instead of a coffee pick-me-up,  I opted for a taste test of the sweet concoction.

Verdict: Amazing. Just as the readers had predicted the freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade is the perfect beverage to quench your thirst. It was a decadent nectar as bits of strawberry floated in the glass and surprised you with every sip.

 (Half order of Georgia Peach French Toast)

For my breakfast entree, I chose a half order (a perfect portion size) of Georgia Peach French Toast. Adorned with whipped cream, walnuts, powdered sugar and a mysterious peach glaze it was as if the State of Georgia was grilled and artistically represented in this one very dish.

Verdict: Wow. Just, wow. Forget sugar plums, the Georgia Peach French Toast still dances in my head and taunts my tastebuds. I don't know how or what is in this peach drug they drizzle atop their french toast, but it's beyond amazing and leaves you in a culinary high. I feel like having peach french toast should be a Georgia staple. If you are ever in the vacinity of Athens, Georgia it is a MUST that you stop by Mama's Boy Cafe.

View their complete breakfast/lunch, brunch and kids' menu on their official Eat at Mama's Boy website.

Bonus: You'll walk away with a rad sticker (pictured below) to tag your belongings for FREE!

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