Urban Outfitters Gem

If you're a close friend of mine you definitely know one of two...or many things: 1. I'm not a fan of name brands. Never have, never could have afforded it and frankily never care and will be never be apart of it. 2. I'm not a believer in marriage or a certificate and believe in equality for all and until then... 3. However, I do love small gems you can find sifting through garage sales, unique websites and/or in between the racks at retail malls and this is my latest...

I know I have wrinkly hands...that you don't have to mention, but I do know how to find a great gem now and then from brand stores (in this case Urban Outfitters). Currently I sport a necklace that I collaborated myself that features a guardian angel pendant my brother bought me shortly after our father passed away along with an original Aspen leaf that suits as a reminder of my "home" in Denver, Colorado.
Today, I picked up a piece that ties in with my necklace and holds just as much meaning. I bought an inexpensive ring with the initial "C." Most of you may think that letter may represent "Cox" and my family, but truly I bought it to represent "Casey." I'm not a fan of nice jewelry because frankily, I'm not very good with fake jewelry and lose things frequently. My necklace is close to me and will forever be cherished and I hope this ring I picked up today will do the same. Not to sound too mushy but Casey Garms, the "C" on this ring, is not only my best friend but the best thing that's ever happened to me. He's someone I can laugh with, joke with, travel with, work with (sometimes ;) and explore this thing we call life with....I'm truly blessed and lucky to have him in my life and I'm very happy to represent that in my latest cheap but authentic/meaningful jewelry collection. ;)

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