Tin Lizzy's Cantina: Atlanta, Georgia

Tin Lizzy's Cantina is by far our "go-to" in Buckhead (Atlanta, Georgia). Nestled just down the street from the Homewood Suites and Wingate by Wyndham Buckhead...

this small yet extremely shakin' bar/restaurant is often hopping on every night of the week with locals in polo-clad and/or dress attire with a sprinkle of Sperry Top-SidersBy the way, from good ole East Alton, Illinois I had never even heard of Sperry's and now they seem to be the only source of footwear since arriving in the South.

Aside from the apparent dress code, the place is absolutely extraordinary for these reasons:

1. Patio. Tin Lizzy's has a great outdoor patio with live music every Wednesday through Sunday. To view their musical acts check out Tin Lizzy's monthly calendar on their official website.

2. Incredible service. Casey and I were actually at Tin Lizzy's recently when the power went out during an agressive storm and although the restaurant/bar was lit with candles in an array of chaos, our waitress continued to serve us, deliver our food and offer excellent service during extraordinary circumstances.

3. CHIPS! Holy smokes, probably the best chips (over drinks or just for a small snack) that I've ever tasted. You can order chips and salsa or pay an extra few bucks for "The Duo" featuring Tin Lizzy's signature chips with your choice of salsa (mild or hot) and queso. I tend to indulge in this craving A LOT as there is an unknown spice they douse all over their signature tortilla chips--spicy, amazing and clearly helps you to down those Tin Lizzy cocktails a lot faster.

4. TACOS. Seriously, where else can you get mouth-watering tacos (served as a delicacy) with an explosion of flavor for $2.99 to $3.29? With over twenty specialty tacos ranging from chicken, steak, fish and shrimp. My personal favorite is the BBQ Chicken taco served on a soft tortilla housing grilled chicken, bacon cilantro slaw and honey chipotle bbq sauce.

5. DRINKS. Tin Lizzy's has a wide array of drink selections ranging from their signature margaritas, beers (either domestic or import) and although primarily a Mexican restaurant/bar they actually offer a selection of wines to choose from. During the month of August, Tin Lizzy's "special" has been 16 oz. of imported Red Stripe for $4, however pitchers are available as well. In addition, being in "The South" I've noticed that Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea  (vodka) is overshadowed by the familiar brand of Firefly (another sweet tea vodka) local to Georgia's favorite neighbor, South Carolina. A great drink to order from Tin Lizzy's (this was a custom order of mine and not found on the menu) is Firefly Sweet Tea vodka plus pink lemonade. It's a classic Arnold Palmer with a twist, not to mention it's delicious and makes you instantly feel like a Southern Belle.

6. Because I love the number six, I will end our infatuation with Tin Lizzy's Cantina by informing you that one of our favorite and most delicious watering holes has three locations in Atlanta: Buckhead (3639 Piedmont Road), Grant Park (415 Memorial Drive) and Midtown (1136 Crescent Avenue).

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