Taco Tuesday: Casey Breaks Down Taco Nation

While traveling to different regions of the country it becomes easy to notice that chain restaurants change along with your location. For example; In-N-Out Burger is only in California, Nevada and Arizona. For a long time Sonic was only in the south (originating in Stillwater, OK) and apparently Chick-fil-A is on every corner in Atlanta. 
Some of my favorite places to stop are Mexican fast food restaurants. I wish there was a Chipotle at every exit off the highway but unfortunately that's not the case. Here are my rankings for the best Mexican fast food chain restaurants that I've had the chance to consume across the country....

6. Taco John's: Whats the deal with ordering a combo meal and getting tator tots with my tacos? While I do enjoy the name, there isn't much else special. Recommendation: Keep on driving.

5. Del Taco: Another place that has some menu confusion. Do I want a burger or a taco? Do you want fries with that quesadilla? I do like some choices but this place has too much going on. Recommendation: Better than a KFC Buffet.

4. Taco Bueno: This is a taco place that I have just recently tried.  They try to differentiate themselves by claiming their tortillas are homemade. This place was so over hyped that by the time I actually tried it, I was very disappointed. The best part of this place is the queso dip. Recommendation: Get the fajita tacos
3. Taco Mayo: This place is much better than I expected. I had never heard of Taco Mayo before visiting Oklahoma. It is pretty straight forward. Standard tacos and burritos. My favorite feature of Taco Mayo is their salsa bar. Their salsa isn't anything special, but its nice to be able to go back for some extra pico for my soft taco. Recommendation: Its not easy to eat a taco while driving so go inside and try the salsa bar. 

2. Taco Cabana: This is another place I just tried recently. They are all over Texas and parts of Oklahoma. Even though it is a fast food restaurant they still offer beer and margaritas. Taco Cabana locations also have outdoor seating which gives it the feeling of a real restaurant. Another great feature is the free chips and salsa with every order. Recommendation: Stop and give it a try. It's high quality fast food Mexican open late (most locations open 24 hours).
1. Taco Bell: How many different combinations of meat, cheese and tortilla can these guys come up with? It's truly amazing how similar everything on their menu is, yet they all have different names. Everyone has had Taco Bell and it never disappoints. If you miss the exit, there will be another location just a few miles ahead. Bottom line: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Recommendation: Stay up to date on the latest Taco Bell creations.

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