Buckhead Saloon: Atlanta, Georgia

A simple list as to why you should visit Buckhead Saloon on your next (or first) visit to Atlanta:

1. Just a mile walk from the Homewood Suites in Buckhead (Atlanta), the Buckhead Saloon offers an assortment of games to ensure a stellar night of fun. For starters, there is a solo machine of pop-a-shot! Nothing is better than a few drinks with a heavy side order of competition.

2. Skee-Ball. Chuck E. Cheese's may have been the go-to when you were in elementary, but Buckhead Saloon provides an essential childhood memory in an adult environment.

(Casey's mom, Cari Garms, tries to school the group in a game of Skee-Ball)

3. On top of a round of pop-a-shot and skee-ball, you can also test your "manhood" (or embarrass) by punching a bag to measure your strength or get a group of two or four to play the ultimate college game--Foosball! 

4. Live music. Buckhead Saloon provides a spacious patio for the warm weather in "Hotlanta" equipped with live music acts every Friday and Saturday. We were fortunate enough to experience a couple musical acts on the weekends (after we were finished with work) and every person we've heard thus far has been worthy of entering your ear drums and ultimately gets you to tap your foot under the table or yell your appreciation thanks to a few cocktails. 

5. Casey and I don't necessarily track events, but the last time we were at Buckhead Saloon it appeared that it was some sort of "school night" with bartenders dressed in their best Britney Spears "Hit Me Baby One More Time" attire. Another plus for this local venue is their creativity in promotions. On top of this random night we experienced, the Buckhead Saloon tends to offer brunch specials, Sunday all you can eat crab legs promotions and more. To view their list of special events please be sure to check out the Buckhead Saloon's official website

6. Lastly, because the number six is my lucky...and well favorite number...I'll also throw in that the Buckhead Saloon is a Big Ten...(errrr...Big Twelve?) bar showcasing their allegiance in flags adorning their patio and displaying Saturday's biggest games on their multiple televisions and projector screen located towards the back of the venue. 

We hope our readers are able to unwind, compete in friendly competition or watch the "big game" and have as much fun as we did at this great venue in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. 

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