Pawn Stars: Las Vegas, NV

During one of our visits from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas, Casey and I ventured off the strip to get a sneak peek at the site of one of our favorite reality shows, "Pawn Stars." The History Channel's hit series  brings this local pawn shop to life with quirky personalities from the "Old Man," "Big Hoss" Corey Harrison, Rick Harrison and Chumlee...

Casey's parents, Tom and Cari, had tried to visit the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop once before in Vegas only to be welcomed with a line that snaked out the front door through the parking lot. Luckily, we were able to visit during the weekday and were delightfully surprised that we were able to walk right in.
Once you walk in the front door you're set on a guided path via ropes to keep a constant flow of traffic in order to view the items on display. If you're interested in purchasing a piece there are employees to gauge your interest while fans continue to walk throughout the store.

It was pretty neat to see items showcased on episodes of "Pawn Stars" for display in the shop. It made the real in "reality" television come to life. My favorite items to look at were the ridiculous Super Bowl rings on display. It's hard to believe that anyone could or would pawn their championship ring whether you got it for working for the organization or if you put your blood, sweet and tears into winning it. There was also an amazing artifact of America's Pasttime, an authorized signed Babe Ruth baseball that instantly gave me chills upon first glance.

Although the series' stars had their trademark vehicles nestled in the parking lot they were vacant throughout our tour of the store. One woman could not grasp the fact that they were not working as a store employee said "I'm sorry. They do not work here anymore. They are in the back but no longer work the counters anymore." The woman began to exclaim, "But I came all the way from Illinois!"...couldn't have been more fitting. I wouldn't be surprised if she was from Southern Illinois or perhaps even a neighbor of mine.

It's no surprise with the success of the show and the overabundance of ego boosting character merchandise flooding the store that the show's stars no longer have to deal with the public or retail unless they're shooting for the show. Aside from the valued collectibles the store has converted into an average overpriced Las Vegas souvenir shop with "Old Man" bobbleheads, Chumlee t-shirts, "Pawn Stars" mugs, shotglasses, you name it.

The experience was still very cool and I'd recommend visiting the shop if you're a fan of the show. If you're not an avid viewer the trip is still worthwhile just to get a glimpse of some of the amazing antiques and pieces of history found in this quaint space. As mentioned, I recommend visiting on a weekday unless you want to waste a day in Sin City waiting in line on the weekend.

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