Getting caught up...

We've fallen behind in our blog, but we're slowly (keyword) but surely catching up and keeping our friends, family and avid readers up-to-speed on our whereabouts. Here is a quick recap of what we've been up to these past few months...

During our time in Salt Lake City, we were fortunate enough to make not one...but TWO trips to Las Vegas, Nevada. Surprisingly, Sin City is only a six hour drive from our humble abode in Salt Lake City. We were so lucky to meet up with my best friend from high school, Amie Tillery, and her wonderful girlfriend Savannah Palmira. We had a glorious time basking in the sun and soaking in the warm weather as Utah had been snowy, rainy and extremely cold during our time there. Not to mention, we enjoyed our favorite drinks from the Margarita stand near Treasure Island (they're actually adding a second location) and the Bacardi stand located near Caesar's Palace...

(The infamous Margarita stand outside Treasure Island. First discovered by Nate and Kate and introduced to myself and Casey. I got the pirate goblet in remembrance of Kate's bachelorette party in 2008). 
(Casey's favorite drink stop in Las Vegas, the Barcardi stand. We both recommend the highly intoxicating mixture dubbed the "Dragonade"). 
During one of our visits we also enjoyed a wonderful dinner off the strip called Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar. It's a great place devoted to tapas (small portions of various foods) and fresh made sangria (available in white and red). We were so grateful that Amie and Savannah were able to join us in Las Vegas during both visits and able to introduce us to a fantastic place far from mainstream off the strip. 

In hopes of updating our blog to "real-time" with our travels, we continue this quick verison of "Getting caught up..." 

After departing from Salt Lake City we stopped in Moab, Utah (separate blog to come), Glenwood Springs, Colorado where we ventured to Aspen (during the offseason) and Denver, Colorado en route to our second 8-week adventure in Oklahoma City. During our quick trip to Aspen, we ate lunch at an incredible place called--Junk. The decor was unique, off-the-wall and the nachos were to die for. I can only imagine that Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne would have thorougly enjoyed this joint during their search for Mary Swanson....I mean Samsonite. 

Once we arrived "home" in Denver, Colorado we unloaded our luggage and Verizon gear, relaxed and then refreshed to celebrate our good friend, Jules Broste's, 28th birthday at the brand new restaurant and bar, Ale House at Amato's, located in the Highlands. The new addition to one of Mile High's top evolving neighborhoods has a prime time location with an outdoor balcony/patio overlooking the beautiful Denver skyline. The food was great and the beer, wine, liquor was plentiful in honor of our birthday girl. 
(The birthday girl, Jules Broste, blowing out one of her exceptional cupcakes her friend purchased in Boulder, CO).

The party even featured a first for both Casey and I...a bacon-laced chocolate cupcake. As hesitant as you may be to try such a concoction, it actually tasted like a syrup coated pancake. It was extraordinary and has since become one of the many reasons why I miss living in Colorado. 

It was an eventful and memorable trip home to the Rocky Mountains before landing in Oklahoma City. Thank you to Jules, Matt Farley, Ben McKee and our many dear friends in Denver for making the transition from Salt Lake City to Oklahoma City a trip to remember! :)

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