Squatters Pubs and Beers

One great thing about traveling, is checking out new local craft beers and mircrobrews. Once we changed hotels and checked in to our new home at the Residence Inn City Center in downtown Salt Lake City, we made to sure to hit up local brewery, Squatters Pubs and Beers.

We each ordered a flight of their home grown concoctions and were throughly surprised to see our platter of brews arrive on a ski. Major points for originality.
To Casey's surprise, his samples were served to him on his Rossignol skis given to him by former SIUE baseball coach Bo Collins. When Case exclaimed to the waitress, "These are my skis!" She laughed like he was joking or maybe crazy....so he assured her..."No, really! These are my skis!"

It's a great place that delivers creativity not only in the presentation, but in their food and brews. We like lighter beers, so we recommend the Provo Girl Pilsner (great link on the evolution of the Provo girl) or the Chasing Tail Golden Ale. Whatever your taste buds desire, Squatters definitely has a beer to suit your fancy.
A few weeks later we returned to Squatters for dinner as we remembered seeing multiple delicious dishes being served to bar patrons. I got their special Stout BBQ Burger made with Captain Bastards Oatmeal Stout BBQ Sauce (infused with one of their heavy stout beers) topped with crisp onion straws. I also substituted the Niman Ranch all natural burger for a turkey burger and it was amazing!

Something we really love about this joint is their mission statement to: People. Planet. Profit. Squatters likes to use all natural and often times organic ingredients. They even have an Organic Amber Ale made with certified organic barely and hops. In addition, I was able to use organic ketchup to smother my fries.
It's refreshing to feel like your indulging, but actually feeding your body nutritious elements. Not to mention, Squatters also prides themselves on creating relationships and partnerships with local farmers. :)

We suggest definitely peeping their menu, viewing their hilariously named brews, and even browsing their official blog on their website.

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