Red Iguana

Our first "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" stop in Salt Lake City took us to Red Iguana, home of "The Killer Mexican Food." Their known for the vast variety of...

moles (pronounced mole-ays). Moles are traditional sauces made with fresh ingredients in order to smother, dip or accentuate your favorite Mexican dishes. See picture below as our lovely waitress gave us a mole sampler to try out their flavorful sauces:

My favorite was the "Mole Amarillo" made with golden raisins, yellow tomatoes, yellow zuchini, chile guajilo and dried seasonal yellow chiles. The sauce was sweet yet extremely spicy at the same time--right up my alley. We decided to get 3 oz. of the Mole Amarillo on the side to go with the dishes we ordered.

(The sticker tagged door that greets you)
(Inside decor at Red Iguana)

Thanks to self-professed food critics on, we chose the two most popular dishes (according to readers):

  • Puntas De Filete A La Nortena which is top sirloin tips sauteed with bacon, jalapeno strips, onions and fresh tomatoes served atop the almond mole. Served with refried beans and tortillas. 
  • Tacos Don Ramon which is three crisp corn tacos filled with tender top sirloin tips, grilled with pork chorizo, garnished with shredded lettuce and queso cotija, served with pico de gallo and a salsa de aguacate. 
Verdict: HOLY MOLE! Red Iguana is by far the best Mexican food I have ever tasted. I have never really been a fan but they definitely converted me. The Mole Amarillo was the perfect touch to the mouth-watering delicacy of the Tacos Don Ramon. The sirloin tips were savory, juicy and high-quality. We also couldn't beat the explosive flavors of the Puntas De Filete A La Nortena served over the Almond Mole. 

Bonus: Free chips and salsa. And this isn't your average Tostitos dip...their salsa is on fire! Absolutely amazing! Casey and I both agreed that their salsa is some of the best we've ever had. You'll definitely be downing your water faster than they can provide the refills. 

We are going to miss Red Iguana and the fine Mexican food of Salt Lake once we depart for Oklahoma City. To make yourself drool or pass a few minutes of your work day be sure to scope out their menu

Red Iguana also has a second location Red Iguana 2 and Blue Iguana (all located in Salt Lake City and Park City, UT). 

View the video to watch Red Iguana on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: 

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