Meet Our Local Crew

Meet our killer local (Salt Lake City) crew members, Tim and Darwyn. A few quick facts about these two crazy kats...

Tim (featured on the left) is an avid snowboarder and talented graphic designer. After his contract finishes up with the Verizon Street Team Tour in SLC, Tim will be moving on to Portland, Oregon to work on a year-long project with a relaunch of Nike 6.0. Tim is from the East Coast, originally from New Jersey,  lived in Vermont and then to Salt Lake City. He's worked at a snowboarding camp at Mt. Hood in Portland, has amazing stories about working the Sundance Film Festival multiple times and has even worked as a personal assistant to a kid belonging to a ridiculously loaded family in which he enjoyed trips to Japan, etc. I knew we were in good hands when Tim came to training sporting Nate's favorite Guns N' Roses t-shirt. As seen below, Nate has carried his favorite t-shirt to Tarime, Tanzania, Africa onto Sydney, Australia (where this picture was taken).
It was a small sign that we were meant to be where we were, and that we were definitely with some great guys.
Darwyn Yager. Yes, that's his real name and no, he's not named after the scientist nor is his last name short for Jaigermeister. Darwyn is a great guy originally from Cali who knows his fashion and has a love for the Lakers. Seriously, I've learned more about West Coast threads in just a few weeks from this kid than I've ever learned before or even knew existed. From Crooks and Castles to Karma Loop and even Salt Lake City's own Fice Gallery and Boutique. I felt like the fashionista that is stereotypically implanted in a woman's interests was diminished upon meeting this guy. Darwyn is Tim's long-lost brother and best friend. These two look identical from afar, and the majority of people at training swore they were brothers or at least friends from "back home." Instead these two guys are simply two 'boarders, inhabiting Utah and actually never knew each other before this tour with Marketing Werks.

I mean just look at these can you not have a good time with these guys?

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