Coming to a town near you...

We apologize for falling so far behind in our blog so early. However, we're back to make amends and to catch everyone up on what has been happening during our first month of the Verizon Wireless Street Team Tour. We met a lot of wonderful people during our training and found out that we weren't driving a Toyota 4Runner (for Map teams) but instead we have two vehicles! The Verizon Wireless Rule the Market teams will be struttin' their stuff in a Mercedes Benz...Sprinter. Our second vehicle is a "mini-me" Ford Transit.

Here is a snapshot we took of our event site during training at CGS in New Berlin, Wisconsin.
Our event site is light weight, however pretty extensive between all the electronics and Verizon devices we have on-site. For example, the map teams that are constantly traveling have a photo printer in which they take consumers photos with a sweet Verizon overlay, while market teams are dealing with an actual t-shirt printer. Although the concept is pretty stellar, the actual t-shirt printers are pretty heavy and nerve-racking to take care of. There is a lot to know just about the printer itself to keep it maintained and working properly in all weather types we have been subjected to thus far in Salt Lake City on top of our other amazing devices. Market teams also have the photo overlay ability and a decked out interior in our Ford Transit vehicles which comes equipped with speakers, three flat screen LG TVs, microphones, etc.  We have a lot with us, but it's what you expect when respresenting a billion-dollar company. We're still living the dream, getting in a good work out everyday and loving every minute of our new life together. :)

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