Wait, what are you doing?: Mobile Marketing 101

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When Casey and I share news with friends, co-workers and family members about our excitement of getting a "tour" together and breaking into the mobile marketing industry, one of the first responses we get is "That sounds fun. Wait, what are you doing?"
So, we'll take to our blog to educate those of you reading on the world of mobile marketing and what it is that we'll be doing in 2011.

What is mobile marketing? Lets just get this out of the way first; when relating to the experiential marketing industry, this kind of mobile marketing has nothing to do with mobile devices, land lines, or using any sort of technology as a marketing tool. When you go to college you pick a major and a concentration. Mobile marketing is a concentration of sorts in the experiential marketing industry. Various experiential marketing agencies compete for clients to win their business, in turn they can help clients introduce products, key messaging, and new campaigns with experiences through mobile tours, event marketing, creative PR stunts, and more.

For example, we're working for an experiential marketing agency based out of Chicago, Illinois called Marketing Werks. The client/account we'll be representing during a 40+ week tour is Verizon Wireless.
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What is experiential marketing? Experiential marketing focuses on the entire customer "experience" and what the consumer's response is, rather than a certain individual marketing piece. The goal is to appeal to a consumer on multiple levels by providing an "experience" that appeals not only to their emotions, but to their logic and senses.
Therefore, mobile marketing tours often create an exciting and educational consumer experience in which a crew of trained professionals travel from city-to-city setting up an interactive event site and educating consumers on the client's key messaging/product. The goal is to educate the consumer without them knowing it by providing a memorable experience for the consumer in which they'll walk away with new knowledge of the client, branded premiums, or just a favorable opinion of the client and their "experience."

What kind of tours are out there? Experiential marketing and mobile marketing agencies can attract  business and create mobile marketing tours for any number of clients or popular Fortune 500 companies. For example, Marketing Werks client list includes LEGO, Blackberry, Verizon Wireless, Walgreens, Play Station and more! Another experiential marketing agency, ignition, Inc based out of Atlanta, Georgia, has mobile marketing tours for big name clients Coca-Cola, BP, United Nations Foundation, ESPN Grid Iron Blow Out Tour, and so on. Tours can vary based on the experiential marketing firm and client, each providing an amazing experience for consumers and employees alike.

So, where are you going to live? The best part about mobile marketing tours is that you live out of a suitcase! Mobile gigs are 100% travel which make them all the more fun. You not only get to rack up hotel points, but meet new people, see new cities, and create memories that will last forever all while working. 

Are you paying for the hotels? No, another great thing about this gem of an industry. Crew members are given a salary, per diem, and a daily budget for hotels. 

How long do mobile marketing tours last? Tours can last from 2 weeks to a year. If you're lucky once you wrap up a tour, you'll be in the hunt for another one or get picked up by another agency. The spectrum of tours and clients out there create an exciting and new experience, so you're never bored.

What cities will you be traveling to? Casey and I will be stationed in the South Region of the United States this year. We will keep everyone updated once we receive our tentative schedule. However, many mobile marketing tours travel all over the United States, and if you're lucky you'll snag a tour that travels internationally!

What will you be traveling in? Mobile marketing firms create branded vehicles to catch consumers' attention on the highway. For example, the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and Hershey Kissmobile are recognizable vehicles that have been branded, driven by mobile marketing crews, and turned into legendary icons on wheels. Many tours require a licensed CDL A or CDL B driver. Luckily, Casey and I will be cruising around in a red Verizon Wireless Toyota 4Runner with a small trailer attached.

What exactly will you be doing? We'll be setting-up/breaking-down our event site (event sites can vary in size), taking photos/videos of consumers interacting with us and the display, educating consumers on Verizon Wireless products, handing out premiums and creating a pleasant and memorable experience for consumers in each market.

How did you hear about this? My brother, Nate Cox, has been working in this industry since he graduated college in 2004. This kid has literally driven a Peanut-mobile down to a Weeble-mobile, I'm not kidding. While I was chasing graduation and the corporate ladder, my brother was racking up highway miles across the United States. Luckily, he opened my eyes and made me realize that although society makes you feel like you need to work 9-5 and achieve managerial status, there's no accomplishment or joy in sitting behind a desk all day everyday. Experiences are what matter and I couldn't be more thankful to Nathan for introducing Casey and I to this incredible industry.

So, why are you so excited? I am personally so stoked to get paid to travel with my best friend/boyfriend Casey, save for international vacations, a house, all while working for amazing experiential marketing firms, representing incredible clients, making new memories and friends along the way! We're excited to take a break from Corporate, USA and live the dream.

We hope this helps to answer some of your questions. We are so excited for friends, family and co-workers to follow our travels and support us on this incredible journey together. -Casey & Jenny

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