A sneak peek...

Thanks to my brother and sister (in-law), Nate and Kate Cox, Casey and I are able to share with you a sneak peek of what we'll be driving during our 2011 Verizon Wireless Rule the Market Tour with Marketing Werks (based out of Chicago, IL). Keep your eyes peeled for this branded trailer attached to this stellar VzW Toyota 4Runner.
Nate and Kate are currently at CGS in New Berlin, Wisconsin picking up their state of the art mobile RV for their 2011 Promethean ActivClassroom in Motion Tour with Infinity Marketing. Give us a honk or a shout out if you see one of these two whips on a highway near you!

*Note: As a market team we never drove the Verizon SUV with trailer. Instead, we had a branded Sprinter van and a Ford Transit that opened up in the back to provide an experience of it's own with a television, speakers and Verizon devices. This was our very first tour, so we were overly excited to learn or find out any detail we could (as you can probably tell). 

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