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Weekly Mileage: 7/10-7/23

Hey, gang. Sorry I am playing catch up again. 
In my last post I mentioned I was dealing with a tight right hip which was causing soreness and affecting my gait. Well after that unicorn 12-miler in Pittsburgh that I also referenced, my hip revolted and took me out of running for the entirety of week 6. It made me hobble for a solid week and made it quite uncomfortable to bend or squat down. 
I think it was caused by a perfect cocktail of three nearly 12-hour work days on my feet in Denver, that went straight into multiple long drive days (long hours of sitting), mixed with 40 miles of running to create one horrible concoction that just blew up in my face. 
I'd like to think I've grown a tad wiser (just a tad) over the years, and immediately knew that week 6 was going to be focused on work and recovery until my hip gave the green light to run (/walk normal) again. It also allowed me to channel all of my extra free time into finalizing …

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