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Weekly Mileage: 4/10-4/16

Hope everyone had an amazing Easter! Casey and I wrapped up our 5.5 week tour in Indiana, and after shipping the remainder of our tour assets tomorrow morning, we'll head West for separate family excursions before returning to the road for work once again (yes, we travel for fun when we're not traveling for work. No, we do not get sick of it). 
After dealing with an inflamed knee last week, this week I did everything I could to address the issue and it paid off. Bad knees run in my family, but instead of saying "Oh, I have bad knees...I can't," - I try to target the problem, strategize how to make it better, and work to prevent it. 
For example, this week I focused on:  lower body exercises with weights (squats/lunges/bridges/cycling) at least 2x to continue to build the muscles supporting my knees (+ after trail running the past two years my calves these days nearly dwarf my quads)getting OFF the treadmill. I am grateful for the dreadmill machine, but we tend to…

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